Bamboo Sticks & Skewers

Interesting facts about bamboo packaging

Bamboo is a tree-like grass that grows extremely fast, making it among the fastest-growing plants in the world. Known as one of the worlds' most important natural substitutes for the endangered rainforest hardwoods; it is a quick-growing, versatile, non-timber forest product whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed by any other plants.

Most of these bamboo products are made from the plant called the sheath, known as the protective outer layer of the bamboos' culm that grows in young plants. Once the plant reaches maturity, the shealth then falls off. The sheath is then collected, cleaned and boiled. During the next phase the shealth is laminated into the necessary thickness for the desired product. In the final phase the sheath is pressed and bonded into the required shape. No chemicals or toxins are involved during this process.

 Environmental Features Include:

- Degrades naturally
- Toxin & chemical free
- Plastic free
- Low carbon impact
- Compostable

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Bamboo Sticks & Skewers