Floor Signs

Safety signs are important tools to communicate and warn clients or fellow employees of a potencial hazard or danger and how to act appropriatly.

Below are 5 reasons why you should always use a safety sign:

Reflects your commitment to safety
When these signs are carefully setup and positioned in the correct area it helps to promote the companys' attitude and dedication towards safety.

Spreads the message quickly and efficiently
In general these signs include bold direct messages with clear illustrations using simple instructions.

Reduces your responsibility as an employer
Displaying safety signs do not always prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. There are still possibilities that accidents can happen as a result of negligance. However having a safety sign up keeps you on the safe side as the company can NOT be held responsible for the injuries suffered.

Boosts safety consciousness among employees
With safety signs in the correct areas at all times you can rest assured that your workplace will develop a high level of safety consciousness.

Decrease in number of accident claims
You will reduce the risk of spending large amounts of money to settlle bills for incidents that could of been easily avoided.

So, help protect your business by keeping your customers and employees safe from any potencial floor hazards.

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Floor Signs