DiffX is a powerful non-chlorine combined disinfectant and cleaning agent which eliminates all surface contamination. From daily clean to terminal and deep clean DiffX destroys C.Diff Spores 100%, MRSA, Mycobacteria and Norovirus. It is not deactivated by soiling, environmentally friendly, easy to use and store and can be used with any mop or cloth on any surface.

Innovations for Healthcare

Hospital acquired infections can have devastating consequences on vulnerable patients, particularly the elderly and the very young. Continuous disinfection has proven to reduce the spread of infections.

DiffX products have demonstrated that their use in an acute infected environment leads to a significant reduction in bed and ward closure days when compared to standard disinfectant and cleaning agents.

DCS's aim is to encourage continuous disinfection using DiffX as a daily disinfectant / cleaning agent. DiffX effectiveness is supported with proven facts and statistics to enable infection control teams to make informed decisions when introducing the product.

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