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A daily vacuum can help make your work environment healthier; helping your carpets last longer and eliminate odours.

Healthier work environment

The biggest risk with not vacuuming on a regular basis is that is can affect your health and wellbeing. This is because allergens and dust particles can settle into your carpets and become very difficult to eliminate, especially in areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic. Overtime, when exposed to these dust particles and allergens it can cause a variety of health problems which makes it hard for people suffering from allergies or respitory issues to find relief. Thanks to a daily vacuum all these risks can be avoided.

Longer-lasting Carpets

If you don't vacuum your carpets on a regular basis it may result in your carpets needing to be replaced more frequently. We all know purchasing new carpets can be a costly excercise but thankfully if you follow a regular vacuuming routine this will help your carpets last longer. The main reason for this is because when sand, dirt and dust are embedded into a carpet over a long period of time it tends to rub along the fibres of your carpet causing it to begin to fray and eventually fall apart. In Addition, the dirt and dust can make the carpet appear dull resulting in the area that looks shabby and dirty all the time.

Eliminate Odours

Finally, vacuuming on a regular basis will certainly keep your environment smelling as clean and fresh as possible.This is because the vacuum will collect all things that are brought in by various individuals moving through the space. This will also prevent the environment from developing a musty smell. 

We offer a range of hoovers/vacuums that are manufactured by the leading manufacturer Numatic.

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Hoovers & Hoover Bags