Paper Straws

Browse through our selection of FCS certified paper straws. These straws come in a variety of sizes and colour variations to complement any drink; whether it be a cocktail served at a stylish bar or a healthy smoothie served on the go you will be sure to find the right paper straw to fulfil your establishments’ needs while reducing single-use plastic.

PLA Straws

Our PLA straws are made from 100% renewable resources, offering you a biodegradable & compostable solutiom for your drink service.
Be kinder to the environment by using these EN13432:2000-12 European standard certified straws.
These straws will break down within 12 weeks when industrially composted.

Polypropylene Straws

In a bid to strike the right balance between reducing environmental impact while protecting the rights of people with medical conditions and disabilities, registered pharmacies are allowed to sell plastic straws over the counters or online. Catering establishments such as bars, pubs and restaurants will not be able to display, automatically hand out or offer plastic straws - however these establishments will be able to provide them on request.

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