Clinical Waste Sacks

DCS offer a full range of clinical waste sacks which are used by NHS Trusts and Hospitals, Private Medical Care facilities, Nursing Homes, Dental Practices as well as specialist waste collection companies. The Yellow and Orange clinical waste sacks are all UN Certified and star sealed at the base of the sack – this ensures additional strength and protection against leakages.

Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks

Waste Type: Hazardous/infectious and other waste requiring incineration including anatomical waste – Category A, diagnostic specimens, reagents or test vials and kits containing chemicals.

Method of disposal: Incineration only.

Orange Clinical Waste Sacks

Waste Type: Infectious waste / potentially infectious waste and autoclaved laboratory waste

– e.g. soiled dressings, bandages, plastic single-use instruments.

Method of disposal: Licensed facility such as Alternative Treatment Plants. It can also be disposed of by incineration.

Offensive / Hygiene Waste Sacks Yellow Sack with Black Stripe (available in single or multi-stripe on both sides)

Waste Type: Human hygiene waste such as incontinence pads, nappies, bedding, plaster casts, etc.

Method of disposal: deep landfill site or Alternative Treatment Plants.

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Clinical Waste Sacks