Selden vMix Range

Control Costs and Eliminates Waste.

The vMix range of controlled dose concentrates gives you all the cost-effective cleaning power you need in one neat little package.

A single bottle of 1 litre or 250ml concentrate achieves significant cost-per-use savings compared to standard 5 litre bottle products, yet weigh less, is easier to store, easier to handle and more environmetally friendly to transport.

Most importantly, there's no chance of pouring money away through incorect dosage. A simple 10ml sqeeze-and-fill chamber eliminates product wastage and ensures accurate dosing first time,every time.

The handy-size 1 litre bottle will fill up to 100 triggers or 50 buckets. vMix bottles are easy to pour and store. 

If you are interested in drastically reducing your plastic waste along with your current carbon footprint than look no further!
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Selden vMix Range