Sanisafe 6

A highly effective Quat free formulation designed for surface cleaning and disinfection.

Features include:

- Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal efficacy including human strain of coronavirus
- CE certifed for surfaces and non-invasive medical devices
- Environmentally friendly packaging with 70% less plastic waste than a tub format
- Highly absorbent, extremely low linting non-woven with high cross and machine directional strength
- Plastic lid closure to ensure wipes remain wet during storage and usage
- Large sheet size to enable effective surface coverage

Efficacy data test protocol:

Bactericidal Efficacy                                  

- EN16615                                                          
- EN13727                                                                       
- EN13697
- EN1276

Virucidal Efficacy

- EN14476 
Fungicidal Efficacy

- EN1650
- EN16615

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Sanisafe 6