100% Plastic & PLA Free Cup

Switch over to this 100% Plastic & PLA free cup and help eliminate single-use plastic

Our 100% Plastic & PLA Free* (*as per the EU single use plastic directive) cups are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cups. These cups are lined with a water-based barrier coating solution, opposed to regular disposable cups which are lined with polyethylene(PE), a finite, oil-based resource, which can be harmful to our environment when not collected and recycled through an approved scheme.
As our cups are plastic free as per the EU single use plastic directive, they are able to be recycled via conventional UK mixed paper recycling streams which are easily accessible for all consumers, unlike PE lined and PLA lined cups which require collecting and distributing to specialist facilities. In addition, our new water based coated cups are also certified compostable as per EN13432, being able to fully compost in industrial composting facilities.
Additionally, all of our cup board is sourced from sustainably managed forestry and is either FSC or PEFC accredited. As this cup is manufactured and distributed in the UK, it doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles around the world to get to its final destination, unlike many other ‘eco’ disposable cups on the market, massively reducing this product’s carbon footprint.


  • 100% Plastic-free Coating (EU Single Use Plastic Directive)
  • 100% PLA free
  • Does not create micro-plastics
  • Suitable for direct food contact (EU Reg. 1935/2004)
  • Recyclable and compatible with current UK waste paper stream
  • FSC approved Virgin Fibre baseboard helps support a circular economy
  • Industrially Compostable (EN 13432)
  • Allergen free (EU 1169/2011 and EU 78/2014)
  • Suitable for Traditional and Digital printing - Branding
  • REACH compliant

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100% Plastic & PLA Free Cup